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Ciutat del Teatre by Gratis in Barcelona

Its beyond incredible how many things waits for us at Montjuic, among all of those there is a complex know as La Ciutat del Teatre (Teatre City in English), a nonesuch series of buildings art related providing the Theatre lovers the possibility of enjoying several shows, concerts, musical, classical works, within a magnificent environment and outdoor space.

At the end of 1999, Lluis Pasqual presented the project of La Ciutat del Teatre, in order to join under this name the union coexistent of scenic equipment .

Hosting an entire whole of buildings, we can find a few of them that beautifully stands out. First, we’ve got the Teatre Liure (1976), and old pavilion dedicated to the agriculture (The Agriculture Palace for the 1929 Expo), projected for the 29 Expo. Is also the headquarters to the same Theatrical Company, a worldwide and national reference on the subject. Moving on, there’s also the Mercat de les Flors (1983), the Municipal theatre, with a very innovated concept that has the contemporary arts and dance as backbone, offers a schedule of works and performances quite miscellaneous. There is also to find, the Teatre Grec (1929), same timing as the Teatre Lliure, a charming open-air theatre of Greek inspiration. It was built on the rock of an old quarry, works as the spotlight of the Summer Greek Festival. The Institute del Teatre (1913), another of the buildings, is a teaching center, obviously dedicated to the training studies for directors and actors. At last, but non-less important, there is the BTM (Barcelona Teatre Musical, 2001), the stage for musical entertainment, located in the old Palau d’Esports.

Tickets: You can buy your tickets here: Tickets
Location: Carrer de Lleida 59, Barcelona (view map)
Metro: Line 1 and 3 (Plaça Espanya).


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